Ivory Black - A Look Into Their New Music

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this edition of the Independent Spotlight, we delve into Ivory Black, a rising independent musician who has made a name for themself in the underground music scene with alternative pop rock musings and singer songwriter acoustic flair. Black’s music is highly personal, drawing upon their passionate life story to pens songs listeners can relate to. Let’s dig into Black’s new tunes.

Now, I’m not being grammatically incorrect utilizing the pronouns I’m using for Black. Black identifies as non-binary, which is essentially a sexuality that can’t be quite pinned down by ‘male’ or ‘female’ labels. Before listening to their music, I’d really highly recommend watching Black’s exceptional press kit video. (You can find it below.) It digs into their story and how they’ve become the person behind Ivory Black. It’ll give you a serious appreciation of Black’s life story and what fuels their work.

‘Ready Get Set’ is Black’s defiant single of sorts. The superbly produced rocker incorporates some bluesy and alternative pop rock influences. Black is a remarkably compelling frontperson, and their backing band is nothing short of excellent. ‘Ready Get Set’ sounds a bit like the Black Keys elegantly mixed in with the Hives. Sparse synthesizers dance back and forth with a searing lead guitar making for an infectiously fun and likable experience.

‘Third Degree’ moves away from the rock and roll pastures of ‘Ready Get Set’ in favor of a pop, acoustic-tinged sound. The sound is equally accessible and successful, marking Black as a rather versatile performer within their spectrum. ‘A Good Answer,’ one of Black’s best tunes, continues this exhibition of range. That track returns to some blues influence, utilizing reverb-soaked sounds with dark, atmospheric vibes.

As aforementioned, Black is a stellar frontperson. Black is exciting, attention-demanding, and their voice is fantastic. Another terrific tune of Black’s, ‘Midas Touch,’ embraces a Wombats-style inspirational, pop-anthemic nature. ‘Drive’ extends Black’s compositional hand, truly exhibiting a unique soundscape littered with intriguing lyricism and influence. Thus, everything Black currently has available online is worth checking out.

Black is an inspirational figure in more ways than one. Their music is creative, unique, and has a very distinctive flair unlike much of the rest of the independent music scene. There’s a huge space for music like this, and I could most certainly see Black getting a whole lot bigger than they anticipated. They are truly worth keeping tabs on. Check out the music below.