Jackson - Press Release - February 17, 2017



Jackson To Release New Studio Endeavor This April

This April, the independent artist and producer Jack Baldus will release his third studio effort under the moniker of Jackson. The four track EP, entitled ‘Push Through,’ will delve into conceptual territory and continue Baldus’ exploration of his unique sound that elegantly melds together funk fusion and psychedelic musings.

Jackson is a solo pursuit with music and lyrics both penned by Baldus. When performing live, however, the songwriter is backed by an eclectic seven piece outfit that includes DJ Asian Hawk on turntables and vocals, a five-time UK DMC champion. Launched in 2015, the Jackson project’s first record, ‘Time,’ was mixed by drum and bass legend DJ Die. The following year a sophomore record, ‘Reality,’ was released.

Baldus’ career in the music industry has proven to be prolific and multifaceted. As a producer, he has recorded for the likes of DJ Die, Christophe, and Bailey Brown. As a musician, Baldus is a versatile session player and on stage he has performed with legends such as Don Blackman, Pee Wee Ellis, The Sugarhill Gang, The Yellow Jackets, and many more.

As a songwriter, Baldus’ songs have been featured on a bevy of albums by signed recording artists in an array of genres. Jackson marks his first solo project. “Intricate, full of texture, and displaying virtuoso levels of songwriting and performance,” the Curious Music for Curious People music blog raved after hearing the music of Jackson.

Jackson is available to stream and download on all major digital music platforms. Fans can connect with Baldus and his work on his official website and social networking, and listeners that subscribe to the Jackson mailing list will receive a brand new single, ‘Take My Hand,’ free of charge. Push Through’ is due out this April!


Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud: @JackBaldus

Contact: Jack Baldus at jackbaldusmusic@gmail.com