Press Release - JudgeMetal - January 24, 2017



JudgeMetal Releases Sophomore Studio Effort

On Friday, February 17, the English heavy metal band JudgeMetal will release their highly anticipated sophomore single, ‘Belong.’ The track marks the second entry in a series of song releases leading up to the outfit’s first full length record. Due out on all major digital music platforms, the track continues JudgeMetal’s conquest of the independent metal scene, a journey that has captured fans from around the world since their debut last December.

After the release of ‘Quenelle,’ JudgeMetal received overwhelmingly positive feedback on their unique sound. The group’s fanbase is quickly realizing that JudgeMetal is more than one’s average metal band: they stand for something, and they’re dedicated to their listeners and their goals. ‘Belong’ offers an entry into JudgeMetal’s catalog that highlights their belief in equality and rebellion. Everybody has a place, and ‘Belong’ is a poignant reminder of that.

Influenced by groove metal, thrash, punk, and nu-metal, JudgeMetal have formulated a sound that’s particularly singular to them, and them alone. Their brand of metal is intense and genuine, anthemic and rocking, and lyrically compelling and tactful. The band is a rising talent worth keeping close tabs on, especially as their impending full length debut comes ever closer to its release.

‘Quenelle’ is available now on all major digital music platforms, and ‘Belong’ is due out February 17. Connect with the band on their social networking to keep updated on their releases and latest announcements!