JU Major - Press Release - February 23, 2017



JU Major Releases Explosive New Single, ‘Yeah About That’

The independent Atlanta-based hip hop artist JU Major has released his latest studio endeavor, a dynamic new single entitled ‘Yeah About That.’ Released on Grind Authority Entertainment, one of the city’s quickest rising indie record labels, JU Major’s new club banger is jam-packed with personality and intensity.

Hailing from a blighted area of Little Rock, Arkansas, JU Major discovered his love for performance at a young age. By fifteen, he was a member of a Da Lyricals, a well-known local dance outfit. JU Major’s small hometown couldn’t contain his ambitions, however, and he eventually packed his bags to move to center of American hip hop music: Atlanta.

Citing an eclectic range of influences from Kanye West to Lauryn Hill to the Temptations, JU Major draws from an array of sources to create his wholly original sound. His slick production, tactful lyricism, and fiery delivery have won over crowds small and large. JU Major has taken the stage with the likes of Soulja Boy, K. Michelle, and many others.

Surrounded by supportive family, friends, and fans, JU Major has utilized his craft to steer clear of traps that lure many ghetto youth into dead-end lives. This, combined with a firm faith, has made JU Major one of the most grounded and compelling new artists in the hip hop scene. His electrifying live performances and raw, powerful studio cuts are worth paying close attention to.

‘Yeah About That’ is available now on iTunes. Fans can connect with JU Major through Grind Authority Entertainment and stream new music from the label on Soundcloud!


‘Yeah About That’ - iTunes.Apple.com/album/id1204791340