Press Release - Khu.éex’ - December 8, 2016



Khu.éex’ Kickstarts Dynamic New Endeavor Featuring Late Bernie Worrell

Khu.éex’, a large Seattle ensemble led by bassist Preston Singletary, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring their sophomore studio effort to fruition. The record, entitled ‘They Forgot They Survived,’ is an eclectic fusion of contemporary and traditional stylings that is rooted heavily within the cultural sound of the Tlingit, a Native American group from Southeast Alaska.

Khu.éex’, at its core, is an experimental funk outfit that fuses elements from Tlingit culture and contemporary funk and jazz into a cohesive, poignant sonic tapestry unlike anything else in the independent music industry. Formed in 2013, Khu.éex’ is the brainchild of Singletary and the legendary innovator Bernie Worrell, best known for his work with Parliament-Funkadelic and the Talking Heads. Worrell, who passed away in June, was fondly referred to in the music community as the ‘Wizard of Woo.’

“I think back to the times that we were able to perform live, and just his sheer joy of performing,” Singletary muses when reminiscing about Worrell. “He was always smiling, and he always playing these little joke melodies - these cartoon melodies, was the way he liked to call it… That was something I’ll never forget.”

Khu.éex’ boast a sound that’s as robust as it fierce. Their artistry keeps imperative elements of vocal and storytelling Tlingit tradition alive for a new generation of music lovers to discover. ‘They Forgot They Survived’ is Worrell’s last love letter to music, and Singletary is also joined by Galactic drummer Stanton Moore and saxophonist Skerik on the album.

The band’s Kickstarter, which is striving to raise $25,000 to produce and release the album on triple vinyl, has a bevy of different reward tiers for backers to choose from. The previous Khu.éex’ album, ‘The Wildness Within,’ is available at lower tiers, and higher tiers include limited edition prints, glass art by Singletary, a tour of his glass studio, and more.

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