Press Release - Kian - January 10, 2017



Kian To Release Dynamic Debut Endeavor This March

Las Vegas, Nevada - On Monday, March 20, the rising independent artist and producer Kian will release his debut studio effort, an album entitled ‘The Genesis.’ The record, which will be available on all major digital music platforms, is an elegant culmination of years of experience in music performance and production on behalf of Kian. The songs defy genre classification, effortlessly hopping through an array of influences with complete tact and versatility.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Kian found his calling when he was eighteen: he was going to be a record producer. After developing his skill in music theory and sound engineering for several years, Kian discovered his own unique sound. His songs are performed primarily with a Moog synthesizer and an enchanting Persian instrument rarely heard in western music, the santoor.

Above all, Kian has one simple goal: using music as a tool to enlighten and empower his listeners. Now residing in Las Vegas, he tirelessly works to grow his brand and credibility as an artist and record producer. His fascinating live performances, which are often held throughout Vegas, captivate fans of all genres and demographics. Come this spring, those fans will be able to add that sound to their music collection with ‘The Genesis.’

Fans can connect with Kian via his official website and social networking to stay up to date on new releases, upcoming performances, and more! Look for ‘The Genesis’ on all digital download and streaming platforms on March 20.

Twitter: @KianMusick