Press Release - Kia Sleet - January 8, 2016



Kia Sleet Releases EP Alongside New Independent Film

Kia Sleet, a hip hop and soul artist hailing from St. Louis but now based in Brooklyn, has released a new four track studio endeavor that acts as soundtrack to ‘Because Cream,’ a new independent short film. The EP, entitled ‘TheCatalystN°1: Because Cream’ can be spun in its entirety on Sleet’s website and SoundCloud. (Found below.) The collection of songs is an eclectic fusion of Sleet’s talents and inspirations, thus crafting itself into as compelling an experience as the film it was designed to score.

‘Because Cream,’ which also stars Sleet, was directed by MoNae Mayweather. Presented by the independent label Respect The Cool,’ the film is broken into five distinct parts, beginning with ‘Memory Lane,’ which debuted on Jan 1. ‘Because Cream’ is an elegant take on a ‘coming of age’ story. Throughout the film, Sleet, the central character, is forced to look outside of herself to discover love, deal with its consequences, and then rediscover it in a most unlikely place. Actor and model Osei White stars alongside Sleet as her love interest and antagonist.

In an era of popular music that seemingly continues to create a void between longform artistry and radio-friendly singles, ‘TheCatalystN°1: Because Cream’ is a remarkably refreshing experience, as is ‘Because Cream.’ The excursion through soul-tinged hip hop and impeccable filmography is a defiant reminder that artists like Sleet are continuing to innovate through a variety of artistic avenues. Collaborating closely with Mayweather, Sleet has created a sonic and visual experience akin to some of the stronger longform music video pursuits of the past.

Fans can connect with Sleet via social media and her website, all of which are now showing ‘Memory Lane,’ the first part of the film. The other four installments are slated for periodic releases in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned via Sleet’s online presence.

‘Memory Lane:’