Press Release - Kilo Jones - September 6, 2016



Kilo Jones Releases Dynamic New Single Ahead Of New Mixtape Release

Kilo Jones, an up and coming independent music artist, has released the first single off his upcoming studio endeavor. ‘Mexico,’ which is now available on all major music streaming platforms and on SoundCloud, is the first insight into Jones’ upcoming mixtape, ‘6 Nights In Vegas.’ That release is due out November 28. Fans can also immerse themselves in the new single via its music video, available now on YouTube.

‘Mexico’ elegantly blends a variety of compelling sonic themes to craft a sound that’s wholly unique to Kilo Jones. The track has hip hop stylings and production, soulful, contemporary delivery, and R&B-like presentation. Perhaps akin to Frank Ocean or the like, Jones has developed a sound that blends some of the most successful and intriguing elements of the modern music scene.

Jones is often described as “a breakthrough from the box of expectancy.” His music boasts a raw authenticity that not many independent performers can harness. He paints musical landscapes chock-full of relatable concepts melded with self-analysis and complex energies. This approach is a fascinating one, and it’s become a style that Jones’ fan-base are constantly eager for more of.

“People are going to love ‘6 Nights In Vegas,’ and that really means a lot to me,” Jones says in regard to his new release. Fans should dig into ‘Mexico’ now in preparation for the November release of the mixtape, and they can connect with him via Twitter for updates and news on future releases and projects.

Official Music Video For 'Mexico'