Press Release - Lil' Lyss - July 14, 2016



Lil’ Lyss Drops New Bombastic Trap Track, ‘Beast Race’

Bay Area music producer, Diana D., is one of the most compelling talents to arise out of the independent music scene in recent memory. Her dynamic new instrumental hip hop album, ‘The Red Tape,’ has captured fans with its unique sonic landscapes and remarkable attention to detail. Now, under the musical alias of Lil’ Lyss,  Diana D. has crafted a new single that’s available now: ‘Beast Race.’


‘Beast Race’ is a cinematic track, one that could effortlessly meld into the backdrop of an action film if presented the opportunity. With the song, Lil’ Lyss has broken the mold of ‘generic,’ predictable trap music. ‘Beast Race’ injects the listener with energy and excitement, creating an aura of unpredictability and intensity. The effort is a thrilling one, harnessing the personality of a high speed chase to define itself as one of the more infectious, instantly loveable tracks in the indie scene.

‘Beast Race,’ like ‘The Red Tape’ album, has been released by Lil’ Lyss solo and independently. Prior to these releases, the producer has been lauded for her work with an array of hip hop artists. These new excursions through independence, however, mark Lil’ Lyss as one of the most promising creatives in the industry right now. She doesn’t just complement and articulate the work of the artists she produces, she is a talent unto herself that’s very much worth keeping tabs on.

‘Beast Race’ was released on June 23. It is now available on major digital music platforms, including Sound Cloud and iTunes, both of which can be found below. Fans can connect with Lil’ Lyss on her website and social media!