Los Giles - Press Release - May 13, 2016



Los Giles Bands Together Columbus Music Scene For Admirable New Effort

Los Giles, a musician and songwriter in the Columbus, Ohio music scene, has banded together several notable personalities from the area for the release of ‘Co-Laboratory Music,’ a charitable effort in support of Bridgeway Academy, a local school that caters to children with autism and other learning challenges. Proceeds from the endeavor are being donated to the school.

Giles’ decision to work on the new project was rather freeing for him, since he didn’t have to work within the constraints of a band. “I just started writing and recording any and every song idea without fear of if it fit,” he says. “Autism hits home for me. My son Gus is on the autistic spectrum.”

The album was painstakingly constructed over the last eight months and Giles wrote and performed the songs, while bringing in other local talents to flesh out the corners of his sound.

Happy Chichester, a popular indie personality of the Columbus scene for several decades now, contributed to ‘Co-Laboratory Music’ as well. The partnership was something Giles had long awaited for many years, and it was well worth the wait - Chichester’s involvement in the project helped concrete its powerful mission with elegant tact.

Aside from Chichester and several local musicians, a number of local singers were also called upon by Giles to fulfill his vision for the album. “Getting singers to commit was by far the hardest part,” he says. Giles’ work on the album extends outside of its creation, too. He designed the album art and is distributing the project with Lost Weekend Records.

‘Co-Laboratory Music’ can be found on BandCamp, where fans can purchase both physical and digital copies of the album. It’s also available on all major music distribution platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and more.