Press Release - Lou Siffa - July 14, 2016



Hip Hop Artist Lou Siffa To Release New Album This Saturday, July 16

This Saturday, July 16, the independent hip hop artist Lou Siffa will be releasing his latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Into Darkness,’ the hip hop artist’s new record is a fifteen track album that delves deep into the current political climate of the United States. The thought-provoking effort, elegant in its execution, will be live on all major music platforms. Lou Siffa will also begin a short tour this August.

Inspired by the likes of Tupac, Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and countless others, Lou Siffa set out to create a meaningful, poignant album with ‘Into Darkness.’ “I want to leave behind a voice of truth,” he explains. “I want to shine a light on the dark places.” To craft the album, the performer spent eight months working tirelessly on it. It’s a remarkable culmination of his musings and emotions about ‘what has and what will transpire in our time.’

Prior to ‘Into Darkness,’ Lou Siffa was lauded by fans and critics alike for his debut collection of songs, ‘The Book of Lou Siffa.’ The internationally released album also kicked off Lou Siffa’s independent record label, Awfe Entertainment. Since his rise in the independent scene, Lou Siffa has also pursued a charitable cause, his ‘For Better Or Worse’ project, to provide shelter in the event of natural disasters.

‘Into Darkness’ will go live on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and many more platforms throughout the week following its release. Fans can sign up on Lou Siffa’s website for updates. Purchasing the album via that website will also grant listeners access to a free six track EP. Those interested in donating to ‘For Better Or Worse’ can connect via its Crowdrise campaign.

The Lou Siffa tour will kick off August 4 at The Spotlite 2 in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas City, Topeka, Manhattan, Oklahoma City, Omaha, and Chicago will follow!