Maini Sorri - 'Never Say Goodbye'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In the past year, the Independent Spotlight has grown from a few posts a week to an ever-evolving blog that is often updated more than once or twice daily. In all of that time, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into hundreds of independent artists, and you, the readers, have had the same opportunity to become exposed to some remarkable talent. Very early on in the Spotlight days, however, I covered an artist several times - Maini Sorri. She’s an incredible talent, one I heralded from day one for her intuitive performances and productions. She’s back with a new tune; so let’s check her out.

As we’ve talked about previously on the Spotlight, Sorri is so prolific. Her discography spans nearly two dozen records covering nearly just as many genres. ‘Never Say Goodbye,’ her new song, is an excursion into hard rock written by Gary Cornman and performed by Orlando Mestre. (Cornman wrote the lyrics; Sorri did compose the music.) The song walks a line between its self-described brand of hard rock and pop sensibility. It’s very poppy, perhaps even a bit infectious in the choruses. Sorri’s vocals have a tendency to evoke that in a listener - she’s anthemic and very easy on the ears.

On the hard rock end, the instrumentation is accented heavily by cascading electric guitars exploding around an atmospheric landscape of driving electrics and thunderous percussion. Sorri sometimes feels separated from the music, as if there is an invisible barrier created by her not being in the room of the instrumentation. That’s a double edged sword, however, because it’s also one of her most redeemable qualities - Sorri can collaborate with people all around the world and create a much more cohesive sound than most indie artists who attempt the venture. Most the time, she feels right at home in the mix. Occasionally during the verses, she does feel disconnected, though.

Mestre’s instrumentation is largely successful in its endeavor to create a cacophony of hard rock around Sorri. There’s a wall of sound that is really slickly produced and on beat throughout its run building around her. The instrumental version does an excellent job highlighting that effort. Thus, ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is a compelling statement for Sorri’s relevance and talent since we last had her in the Independent Spotlight. She’s evolved, which is natural for her, given her ability to do it so much over the years. I love that about her, and her attempt at a hard rock sound on this single is an enjoyable one with plenty of poppy quirks and themes. Check it out below.