Press Release - Michael Black - March 20, 2017



Michael Black To Release Inspirational Debut Single, ‘6x8’

On Saturday, March 25, the up and coming independent music artist Michael Black will release his debut studio endeavor, a dynamic new single entitled ‘6x8.’ Having previously written country music, Black expanded his artistic horizons for his new release by delving deep into hip hop. The message of his music is a simple, but vitally important one: to inspire his fans to live life to its fullest potential, learn along the way, and never harbor any regret.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Black has always had a penchant for songwriting. ‘6x8’ is an effort inspired by his son and difficult experiences he had during the early stages of his life. “I consider myself to be a true story lyric writer,” Black explains of the new single. “So, I base all of my lyrics off my experiences or the others around me.”

Superbly produced and passionately performed, ‘6x8’ is an elegantly penned single that exhibits Black’s natural prowess for songwriting. Due out next Saturday, the song will be available for streaming and download on all major digital music platforms. Fans can connect with Michael Black on his social media below!