Press Release - Milan Hendrik EXP - July 21, 2016



Milan Hendrik EXP To Release New Studio Album This August

On Monday, August 1, Milan Hendrik EXP will release their third studio endeavor, an album entitled ‘Applegate Drive.’ The dynamic excursion through rocking blues, soulful delivery, and roots-based performance is an elegant look into the band’s new repertoire of songs. The record includes eleven new songs and will be available on all major digital music platforms via CD Baby Distribution. (iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, etc.)

Milan Hendrik EXP is fronted by Belle Hendrik, a soul, blues, and jazz singer who also plays bass and guitar. She has been lauded for both her solo music and her work with Milan Hendrik EXP. In the latter, a talented outfit joins the vocalist to craft an electrifying mix of blues and soul music unlike anything else in the independent scene. From start to finish, ‘Applegate Drive’ is a jaunt through passionate songwriting, masterful performance, and raw chemistry.

Previously, Milan Hendrik EXP was known as The Rogue Gene feat. Belle Hendrik. The new moniker brings some changes within the line-up of the group. Hendrik performs bass, Barry Milan sings and plays guitar, and John Hill performs all of the band’s keys. Hendrik and Milan often showcase their music as a duo, but the full band performs together as well.

‘Applegate Drive’ is to be released on the independent music label Rogue Gene. At the end of this month, fans will also be able to catch Belle Hendrik at the Darwin Entertainment Centre and the Araluen Centre in Alice Springs for the ‘Pearl’ Janis Joplin 'Rockumentary' concert. (Hendrik will star in the performance, taking on the roll of one of her foremost inspirations.)

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