Press Release - Mr. Craig - July 8, 2016



Mr. Craig To Release New Single - ‘One + One' - On July 15

On Friday, July 15, the independent American hip hop artist Mr. Craig will begin pre-orders for his latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘One + One,’ the explosive new single features Ricco Maze in an elegant excursion through Mr. Craig’s undeniable talent. On July 22, a music video featuring the popular Latin American actress Hada Vanessa will be released alongside the new track.

‘One + One’ marks the first release for the recording artist’s ‘Mr. Craig’ moniker. Previously, Mr. Craig was known as Strict-ly Shadow. Under that previous alias, Mr. Craig released the infectious hit single ‘Penning Thoughts’ in 2012. After that, he hit the club circuit and found great success as a DJ. Now, in 2016, the performer is returning with his thrilling new project, ‘Evolutions.’ ‘One + One’ is the first insight into that forthcoming album.


The dynamic new single is about getting couples to connect and work as a team. The sage advice is something that Mr. Craig learned through personal experience. As such, he hopes the track can be relatable and even helpful to those in meaningful relationships. ‘One + One’ is a reminder that a relationship can never be a selfish entity, but rather, it must be a joint endeavor between two souls.

“I wanted to reach those who can relate, and also cherish moments two people can share together,” Mr. Craig details when discussing his new track. “Life can be short sometimes, so if you have that special person… hold on!”

Prior to even his work as Strict-ly Shadow, Mr. Craig has defined himself as an industry professional for over a decade. Holding a degree in radio broadcasting, the performer has mastered a remarkable portfolio of industry skills. He’s worked in audio and video editing, voice-over, mastering, producing, and much more. As an A&R scout, Mr. Craig spent eight years discovering talent for Major Label Scout / EMI Records.

The umbrella under which Mr. Craig’s creativity manifests is Strict-ly Entertainment, the company that he is the founder and CEO of. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, he has also launched a publishing platform, Mr. Shadow Music Publishing Company, and he has inked a publishing deal with Princess Blue Music for film, television, and commercials.

The suave nature of Mr. Craig’s performances and cool swagger of his lyrical style has resulted in fans and critics drawing parallels between his efforts and that of Tupac, Lupe Fiasco, and others. The music that Mr. Craig writes and records is brutally honest, wholly authentic, and more often than not, painfully relatable. The passion driving the hip hop artist’s career is unflinching and resolute. Hence, Mr. Craig is one of the most exciting talents rising out of the independent music scene right now.

Fans can now pre-order ‘One + One’ ahead of its July 22 release, upon which the track will be available on all major digital music platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Pre-orders begin July 15. The music video, due out on YouTube, Vevo, and select televison networks on July 22 as well, was produced and directed by Anthony ‘Mr. Tuck’ Richards of Image Sight & Sound. (It was then edited by Mr. Craig.)

Fans can connect with Mr. Craig on his official website and social media. On his website, listeners can also sign up for his mailing list to receive important updates on new music and projects!