Press Release - N1TEL1TE - February 4, 2017



N1TEL1TE To Release Debut Single 'Kiss Face' This Sunday

Las Vegas, Nevada - N1TEL1TE, a duo consisting of CBS 'Big Brother' standout Vanessa Rousso and Montreal producer/DJ Melissa Ouellet, will debut their dance single ‘Kiss Face’ on N1TEL1TE YouTube channel during the Super Bowl half-time show Sunday, February 5. ‘Kiss Face’ is also being distributed on iTunes for purchase and Apple Music for streaming. 

With over $4.5 million in poker winnings, Rousso has become a household name amongst poker fans. By night, however, the French-American developed her passion for music over the last decade, studying at Berklee School of Music to gain the technical chops of a dance music producer. Beyond her work in production, Rousso has DJ’d special events and nightclubs worldwide.

“Being a poker player, everything is zero-sum - my win is always somebody else's loss. Making music with Mel, I can spread love and make people dance. My win can be a win for everyone, and for me, that's the best feeling in the world,” says Rousso. “This is the reason that I have taken a big gulp and decided to pursue music full time. And just like any poker 'all in' decision, it has been as simultaneously terrifying and thrilling as ever!”

Ouellet draws on her Montreal deep/tech house underground roots and her versatility has earned her a place amongst the most capable producers in the music industry. Her genre-bending mixes explore soulful vocals, house music grooves, and the infectious dance allure of twerk, trap, and future house.

‘Kiss Face’ is the first in a series of dance singles that N1TEL1TE has slated for release this year.  Connect with Rousso and Ouellet on their social media below, or via the official N1TEL1TE website. (Rousso's personal Twitter) (Ouellet's personal Twitter) (N1TEL1TE Twitter)