Niyi Oluyinka - Press Release - November 4, 2016



Niyi Oluyinka To Release His Debut Studio Endeavor This Month

During the last week of November, independent author, singer, songwriter, and recording artist Niyi Oluyinka will release his debut studio endeavor, a music album entitled ‘Breaking Loose.’ The new twelve-track collection is an excursion through inspirational Christian worship, something Oluyinka has become quite talented at writing and performing over the years.

As the pastor of Graceland Bible Church and Ministries in Baltimore, Maryland, Oluyinka is tasked with connecting members of his congregation with the word of God each and every Sunday. In an effort to do this in a compelling way, Oluyinka has become known as a talented spiritual leader that utilizes worship songs throughout his sermons. ‘Breaking Loose’ contains a selection of inspiring and lovable tracks, several of which Oluyinka has inspired and engaged his own congregation with.

Before founding Graceland Bible Church and Ministries, Oluyinka obtained a BSc (Honors) degree in estate management from the University of Ife, Nigeria. Upon graduation, Oluyinka worked as a licensed estate surveyor and valuer in Nigeria. Both in Nigeria and the United States, Oluyinka has been a passionate speaker, teacher, and preacher of God’s word.

Oluyinka is a husband and father. He is married to his wife, Funmi, and their marriage has blessed them with three children: Moyosore, Funminiyi, and Mopeninujesu. Moving forward in his life, Oluyinka constantly strives to spread love through the word of God both through his sermons and his music. He has also penned many unpublished Christian worship and praise songs.

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