Press Release - Noavi White - November 24, 2016



Noavi White Releases Dynamic Debut Single, ‘Hair in the Wind’

Last Monday, November 14, the up and coming independent pop singer songwriter, Noavi White, released her debut studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘Hair in the Wind.’ The infectious new track is now available on all major digital music platforms, marking the beginning of White’s promising career in the music scene with an explosive entrance.

Born in Thuringia, Germany, Veronika Einbrodt fostered a love for the arts from a very early age. She began to sing and dance in her youth, and she ultimately refined her talent as she traveled the world, living and working in places like England and India. The call of music was strong for Einbrodt, however, and in the last year she has honed her skills even further by working with producer Philipp Stephan and composing music for companies the likes of BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari - all under the moniker of Noavi White.

‘Hair in the Wind’ has all of the hallmarks of a pop single that’s destined to dominate the airwaves. The sharply produced track is as anthemic as it is passionate. White defines herself as a songwriting and vocal talent to be reckoned with, and ‘Hair in the Wind’ is indicative of an artist with an immense amount of creativity to offer the music community moving forward in her career.

“Tender companion, reach for the stars,” White sings in the opening lines of this new inspirational ballad. “Application for life: follow your heart.” That uplifting message is at the core of White’s artistic persona, offering an authentic insight into what makes her tick. Fans are sure to champion ‘Hair in the Wind’ as a track worth including in one’s soundtrack to life.

Connect with Noavi White on her official website and social networking below. ‘Hair in the Wind’ is available now!