Phenix - Press Release - November 18, 2015



Phenix Releases New Single Feat. Sweet Poison, ‘Piles Of Gold’

Phenix, a rising pop and hip hop artist hailing from Nashville, has released her latest single, ‘Piles of Gold.’ The driving new track exhibits Phenix as an independent powerhouse, one that can masterfully maneuver a unique landscape that melds pop influence along with hip hop, R&B, and rock. Joined by the dynamic Sweet Poison, Phenix’s new release makes a bold statement for her relevance and potential in the industry.

Phenix endeavors to connect with her listeners with poignant, heartfelt lyrics that encourage them to “rise from their ashes and embrace the beauty of being reborn.” She describes her genre as “Roxul Pop,” a mixture of pop, soul, and rock musings matched superbly by theatrical performances and exhilarating live shows. Phenix has headlined a great number of popular Nashville venues and clubs and opened for popular acts as well.

“And so a movement was born within an artistry, a bird within its own flames, and a world within its own acceptance.”

Phenix pulls her moniker from the legend of the phoenix, a common allegory for rebirth, which is the core of her persona. Instantly recognizable by her flaming red locks, Phenix embraces the themes of the phoenix on a variety of levels, particularly in regard to her desire to inspire and infuse hope and optimism in her audience. Her music delves deep into the depths of her soul, all while maintaining the edgy and playful elements of her act that have helped define her so well.

Released by Under Stone Records, ‘Piles of Gold’ is anthemic track that has debuted with a professionally shot music video, too. | Video: