Press Release - Polyzone - March 14, 2017



Polyzone Prepares Highly Anticipated Release, ‘Good Girl’

On Tuesday, March 21, the independent music collective Polyzone will release their latest studio endeavor, a dynamic new record called ‘Good Girl.’ The project is helmed by some of the finest musicians, DJs, and producers in Maribor, Slovenia, and Polyzone is as versatile of a live act as they are a recording entity. From jazzy, funky vibes to downtempo reggae musings, ‘Good Girl’ is an eclectic effort worth picking up this month.

‘Good Girl’ has a simple, but vitally important message: spreading a positive attitude toward life with infectious melodies and unforgettable performances. Polyzone’s creative process in the studio resulted in some of the most ambitious work any of its artists have released to date. The collective currently consists of Polona Leben Mitev (Poly) on vocals and keys, Beno Sorsak (Electric Boogie) on guitar and samples, and DJ Splinter on decks and live FX.

JK_polyzone_01 (1).jpg

The prowess of Polyzone’s upcoming debut record is rooted in the long musical history of its collaborators. Electric Boogie is known for his extraordinary guitar skills and visionary production. Poly’s sincerity and good vibrations ignite the imagination and hearts of the collective’s fans, and DJ Splinter rounds out the trio as one of the most accomplished and longstanding DJs in the Slovenian hip hop scene.

The superb new collection of songs will be available for free on March 21, with an optional, but appreciated donation of 5€ available to make. ‘Good Girl’ will also be available on vinyl, which listeners can pre-order via Polyzone’s official website now.

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