Press Release - Preytorians - May 25, 2017



Preytorians To Release Dynamic Debut Studio Endeavor This June

Next Friday, June 2, Preytorians will unleash their debut single into the independent music community. Entitled ‘Fear,’ the superbly-produced first effort from the powerhouse hip hop outfit will introduce listeners to themes that the group wants to explore in further depth on their first EP, ‘Warmusic,’ which is due out in July.

War is undoubtedly one of the most emotional and intense elements of society. It strikes fear into the hearts of the bravest, and it’s a side-effect of our own humanity. Preytorians, however, strive to harness the emotions often associated with wartime to offer words of wisdom and encouragement to their fans. “We’re aiming to use the emotion of war to inspire people to keep fighting for what they believe in,” the band explains.

We want to be the inspirational push that reinforces their [the band’s listeners] will. This project is meant to be a boost to their energy and determination. ‘Fear’ is the first step.
— Preytorians

Fear is inseparable from war, but it’s an emotion that one learn to utilize to their benefit. More often than not, people are fearful of the obstacles in their way. Preytorians propose that one should make their challenges afraid of them, not the other way around. ‘Fear’ offers an early glimpse into what ‘Warmusic’ will sound like, as the EP will continue Preytorians’ exploration of aggressive and complex wartime emotions.

Consisting of Kielen King, Demond Clark, and Sean Wynn, Preytorians manifested as a result of collaboration via social media. King and Wynn have worked together previously, hailing from Portland, whereas Clark lives in Chicago. The unique combination of all three talents has resulted in Preytorians sounding quite unlike any other group in the indie hip hop scene. Their diverse, eclectic sound is wholly authentic and unique. 

‘Fear’ is due out June 2 on all major digital music platforms for streaming and download. Furthermore, ‘Warmusic’ is slated for a release this July and fans who sign up for the band’s mailing list will receive early access to new material.

Mailing List: (This page will go live upon release.)