Press Release - Ruskin Clay - June 3, 2017



Ruskin Clay Releases New Studio Endeavor, ‘Ruskin and Friends’

On May 15, the independent contemporary worship music artist Ruskin Clay released his newest collection of songs, an eclectic record entitled ‘Come Thou Fount and Other Hymns.’ Chock-full of guest appearances from a variety of friends and family, the album can be found under ‘Ruskin and Friends’ on all major digital music streaming and download platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Classics like ‘Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb’ and ‘In the Garden’ are amongst a bevy of extraordinary hymns that Clay chose for his newest effort. Living in Mississippi with a wife and two children, the artist has an accredited Masters in Theology. To that end, he is now pursuing a PhD in Practical Theology, all while working as a pastor and contemporary worship recording artist.

Just like any other art form, faith-based musical endeavors require a very crucial key to success: authenticity. That, of course, is something Clay and company bring to this new album in spades. ‘Come Though Fount and Other Hymns’ is a journey through honest, beautifully performed worship unlike anything else in the independent music scene right now. Thus, it’s a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

This new album also boasts an impressive sonic palette. Utilizing instruments like the dulcimer, dobro, and banjo alongside more well-known instruments like guitar, piano, and violin, Clay and his collaborators give each song on the record its own unique style. Though the hymns are true to their traditional melodies in this collection, the music takes creative liberty via an array of splendidly surprising instrumental twists along the way.

‘Come Thou Fount and Other Hymns’ is available to stream and download now! Listeners can connect with Ruskin on Facebook and CD Baby below.