SeanKev - Press Release - December 30, 2015



SeanKev, a rising independent DJ commonly referred to as the ‘Doctor of the Mix,’ is preparing to release his fifth studio record in three years. Born and raised in New York City in Queens, SeanKev has fostered an eclectic palette of musical interest throughout the years, culminating into his particularly exceptional DJ’ing. Known for his funk, soul, and disco prowess, he has been touring the underground scene and gaining notoriety for his slick, elegant presentation and unique style.

In the next few weeks, SeanKev will be releasing ‘Funk God,’ slated for the middle of January. The dynamic, remarkably funky endeavor is a sharp excursion through house music. In today’s mainstream, house music has become a genre inundated with mediocrity, predictability, and lackluster creativity. As a result, clubs and underground venues flock to artists like SeanKev who can bring a compelling layer of creativity to an otherwise saturated medium. When delving into ‘Funk God,’ fans will discover an intensely intricate soundscape chock-full of lovely brass sections, tight beats, and superb samples.

The modern DJ doesn’t have to haul the kind of equipment they did twenty years ago. A Macbook, iPhone, and an array of software can provide DJ’s with a variety of synthesized and digital sounds. As with any technology created to enhance convenience, however, a special ‘it’ factor is lost in translation. That factor, something that SeanKev exemplifies in his performances, is analog media. SeanKev isn’t just one of the finest indie funk and soul house DJ’s, he’s one of the only talents in the industry to continue to DJ with vinyl records. The result? An absolutely infectious quality that doesn’t go unnoticed by SeanKev’s concert patrons and collaborators. (He's gained experience DJ'ing with his good friend DJ Precision as well.)

Growing up in Queens in the 1980s, SeanKev discovered a love of soul music, a passion that continues to drive him to this day. (Hence why he’s also a professional record collector.) Instead of buying lunch, he’d head down to the local record shop and snap up boogie and funk records. As his collection grew, his desire to create grew with it. Befriending the legendary producer Boyd Jarvis, SeanKev learned of the ‘Paradise Garage,’ the underground dance club that defined dance and pop music. This was a catalyst for his desire and creativity, especially since his father was a member of the exclusive venue during its heyday.

Thus, in 2007, SeanKev launched a YouTube channel to exhibit his talent toward the ever-expanding community of the internet. That channel continues to thrive today as a platform for SeanKev to showcase his music, his live performances, and his technology. (Or rather lack thereof, being a predominantly analog DJ who prides himself in utilizing 12’’ and 7’’ records instead of a digital setlist.)

In the three short years since his debut 2013 studio effort, ‘1982 Funk & Soul,’ SeanKev has explored an incredible array of sonic landscapes. ‘1982’ was followed by ‘HouseFunkysco,’ a pursuit of deep, funky house music akin to the era of the B-boy. In 2015, the DJ dropped two albums: ‘New York Express To Europe’ and ‘SeanKev Analog Soul Pt. 1.’ It would be apt to call his catalog quite prolific, especially with a new album on the horizon only three months after ‘Analog Soul.’

Fans can connect with SeanKev via his website and YouTube profile, both of which can be found below. Through his website, listeners will find an extensive discography, a shop, and much more. ‘Funk God’ is expected in the middle of January, so keep tabs on those online outfits for any official information entailing the release.