Silver Temple - Their Debut EP

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we shine our gaze on Silver Temple, an indie hard rock outfit hailing from Germany that has just released their debut EP. The self-titled endeavor clocks in at five intense tracks that dance the lines between metal, prog, alternative, and hard rock. The record also arrives on the heels of an impressive accolade, first prize at the ‘Rock This Town 2016’ contest in Grevenbroich. So, does that award-winning sound transfer to the record well? Let’s find out.

When Silver Temple sent their record over to me, they shared a rather interesting anecdote: the lead vocalist is a street performer that they hired to bring his “desperate attitude” into the production. This fascinating approach to finding their frontman actually pays off surprisingly well - that busker brings a unique sense of passion and energy to each track. In the opening of the album, ‘Care To Much,’ he’s accented by a bombastic composition that highlights him nicely. (Though he’s also drowned out by it - some more attention to the levels could have proved beneficial.)

‘Boogie On My Side’ is a far superior track to its predecessor. This second track brings all of Silver Temple’s elements together in a perfect way with dynamic guitar riffs, fantastic lead vocals, and an infectiously excellent atmosphere. ‘Care To Much’ is an interesting introduction, but ‘Boogie On My Side’ is an excursion through epic rock and roll that even connects to some classic rock musings. (The riff definitely evokes the Stones, for one.)

On ‘Broken Dreams,’ that aforementioned lead vocalist is really given some room to spread his wings. Aided by a soundscape chock-full of distorted fervor, the lead vocalist rasps through the track with such emotion and zeal. The finale ramps up the tempo for an explosion of rock prowess. It also sets the stage nicely for ‘Losing You.’

‘Losing You’ is centered heavily around a fantastic percussion section. The drummer of Silver Temple shows his chops here, and to great effect. There’s a slightly different tone to ‘Losing You’ as well - it feels frustrated and harsh. Emotionally, it definitely strikes a dichotomy to, say, ‘Boogie On My Side.’ The last song, ‘Bloody Road,’ finalizes this transition an anthemic metal-tinged finale.

I really dig that Silver Temple’s EP actually moves through a series of emotions in its rock presentation. This keeps each song fresh and different from the rest. These songs must be one hell of a good time live as well - I understand why they won that contest. These five tunes are indicative of an indie hard rock act that’s worth keeping tabs on. Spin them below and connect with Silver Temple online!