$kinny Bragg - 'How'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we shine our gaze on $kinny Bragg, an indie hip hop artist from Mississippi. In early December last year, I lauded him for his unique spin on his genre, something he has coined ‘sludge rap.’ Essentially, $kinny Bragg pulls together 808 beats, EDM and dubstep influence, and bombastic lyricism to create a sound that’s rather different than anything else. He’s got a new tune out called ‘How.’ Is it worth taking a listen to? Let’s dig into it and find out.

‘How’ is very bass heavy… definitely even more so than $kinny Bragg’s last release. Ostensibly, the song is a cacophony of remarkably loud bass accented by $kinny Bragg’s accusatory, fiery lyricism. He centralizes much of his wordsmithing around people who call one another out for being ‘fake.’ $kinny Bragg is here to ensure people he’s anything but. He’s a wholly authentic and original rap artist.

Outside of the distorted bass, there are subtle hints of other production devices. A second percussion section works alongside the main bass riff, and there are hints of synthesizer melodies that cascade in and around the main bass-heavy composition. As I mused last December, this is certainly a sound that I’ve only heard from $kinny Bragg. He’s done a remarkable job carving out his own sonic niche, and ‘How’ is a great further exploration into that.

My original critique of $kinny Bragg stands as well: this is a song about how real he is, and catalogs several of his sexual escapades. That’s cool, but it’s something I hear from indie hip hop artists a lot. $kinny Bragg is clearly a very talented guy. I’d love to see him apply that lyrical talent to something with a bit more meaning and depth.

Until then, however, ‘How’ is an entry in $kinny Bragg’s discography worth taking a peek at if you’re into hard-hitting rap music. It’s also the last single he’s releasing ahead of his new EP, ‘$kinny Bragg Satan.’ So keep tabs on that as well by connecting with him below!

Single: https://soundcloud.com/skinnybraggdollarsignforthes/how-prod-by-kinny-bragg


Instagram: @SkinnyBraggCantGainWeight