Press Release - Soloman & Lacey - May 13, 2016



Soloman & Lacey To Release New Single Ahead of Fifth Album

Soloman and Lacey, an Australian father and daughter duo, are preparing to release ‘We Had Time,’ the first single from their latest studio endeavor. The album, entitled ‘Hollywood Boulevard,’ is the fifth album release between the two, and marks a foray into political territory as Soloman and Lacey commentate on the upcoming Australian general Federal Election in July.

‘We Had Time’ harkens back to the 1970s with vivid imagery of the era wrapped up elegantly in the famous catch phrase of the Labour Party’s 1972 platform: “It’s Time.” During this time, Gough Whitlam of the Labour Party came to power as Prime Minister and executed some of the most enduring reform in the country’s history. The abolishment of conscription, or drafting, the implementation of medicare, and the end of the Vietnam War saw a brighter future for Australia.

The track manifests itself as a timeless snapshot of the musical, social, and political changes of the 1970s. Soloman and Lacey’s rootsy pop style infuses its distinct sonic signature into ‘We Had Time.’ Thus, the song is host to infectious harmonies and grooves, all culminated under an umbrella of soul, blues, and pop influence.

Soloman and Lacey have been collaborating as father and daughter for seven years now. Prior to that, Soloman found significant success in the Australian music scene, scoring two top ten hits as the bass player in Marie Wilson’s band. Now with his daughter, they’ve performed in their home country and internationally for over a million people on prime time television.

‘We Had Time’ is the first glimpse into ‘Hollywood Boulevard,’ and it’s averaging 2,500 visitors a day on YouTube. Fans can connect with the duo on social networking and via their website, both of which can be found below.