Press Release - Sooper Vega - July 8, 2016



Sooper Vega To Release Music Video For New Single, ‘Losing Love’

On Wednesday, July 13, the independent hip hop artist Sooper Vega will be releasing a music video for his dynamic new single, ‘Losing Love.’ The track is the first insight into ‘Guilt Trip,’ the performer’s long awaited follow-up to 2013’s ‘Rise.’ Sooper Vega’s new studio endeavors are his first to be released under the umbrella of Esvee Music Group.

On Losing Love, Sooper Vega explodes with a raw and passionate performance of lyricism drawn directly from devastating heartbreak and overwhelming career insecurities. Inspired by the turbulence of romance and life, the song exhibits soul and personality driven by unforgettable talent. Leave a comment, like, and share!

‘Guilt Trip’ marks Sooper Vega’s second foray into the industry as a solo performer. The sophomore effort was initially designed to follow ‘Rise,’ but ultimately was delayed by unforeseeable obstacles. Over the last three years, Sooper Vega has worked through devastating heartbreak and management issues - the center pieces for the inspiration behind the new effort. As a result of such a turbulent journey, the artist’s new music is emotional, wholly authentic, and compellingly relatable. The record is sure to reignite the fan base that discovered Sooper Vega with ‘Rise' in 2013.

‘Losing Love’ offers an intensely passionate production and powerhouse performance on behalf of Sooper Vega. The song is soulful and deeply personal, and thus, Sooper Vega exhibits his raw, unforgettable talent throughout. Kenny ‘Merc’ Mercado at Boiler Room Studios aided in recording the track, and it was produced by The Cratez. With such exceptional creatives involved in its creation, ‘Losing Love’ is a special effort in the indie scene.

The new music video was superbly shot and edited by Junior Vargas of Focus Films, and it was directed by the talented Johnny Montanez. The project will go live on July 13. Connect with Sooper Vega on his website and social media below!