Press Release - August 10, 2016 - Sooper Vega



Sooper Vega Releases New Music Video For The Single ‘Russian Roulette’

Today, Wednesday, August 10, the independent hip hop artist Sooper Vega has released his latest music video. The dynamic new video is set to correspond with the performer’s latest sonic endeavor, ‘Russian Roulette.’ The video can be viewed below and it is live on the artist's official YouTube, linked at the bottom of the release.

‘Russian Roulette’ marks the next entry in an impressive streak of successes for the hip hop artist over the last several months. ‘Russian Roulette’ is the second single to arrive off of Sooper Vega’s highly anticipated second studio album, ‘Guilt Trip.’ The first single, ‘Losing Love,’ debuted last month to notable acclaim. The music video for ‘Losing Love’ has reached thousands of Sooper Vega’s fans with its excellent production and poignant emotions. ‘Russian Roulette’ is set to do the same.

In his new single, Sooper Vega explores the frustration he has with his own self doubt in his life. It's a relatable track, one where the performer opens the doorway between himself and his audience with a unique level of humility and authenticity. Combined with an especially sharp production and soundscape, Sooper Vega's latest musings are one of the more compelling statements in indie music right now. 

‘Guilt Trip’ comes on the heels of ‘Rise,’ an album that Sooper Vega released in 2013. Now, three years later, he has toiled endlessly to manifest his artistry into a brand new vision. Despite having stepped away from releasing music during that time, Sooper Vega has rekindled the flame of the fanbase that discovered him with ‘Rise.’ His new singles are bringing new listeners into the fold as well!

‘Russian Roulette’ was recorded at the Boiler Room Studio with engineer Kenny ‘Merc’ Mercado. The new music video was directed by Johnny Montanez of Esvee Music Group and it was shot by Junior Vargas of Focus Films. Both Vargas and Montanez contributed to the editing of the project.

Fans can keep up to date with Sooper Vega by signing up for his mailing list on his official site. Additionally, fans should connect with the artist on social networking to be kept in the loop with upcoming releases and live performances. Sooper Vega is currently performing live throughout Rhode Island!