David & Tiffany Spencer - Press Release - April 9, 2016



David & Tiffany Spencer Take Radio By Storm With New Contemporary Gospel Single, 'NOW'

David and Tiffany Spencer, a couple married in 2011, will be releasing ‘NOW,’ their latest musical endeavor, to radio around the nation. The contemporary gospel single marks the first studio release of the couple’s collaboration. The inspiring track is perfect for radio, concreting the duo’s motivational power and chemistry into one splendidly original tune.

Hailing from North Carolina, David is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has been involved extensively with national gospel acts, programs, and awards, and his production credits include the hit single ‘Good Morning,’ featured in the film ‘Shake off the World.’ In recent years, David has been a musical director for two different churches and in 2015 he formed his company, Sound of David, LLC.

Tiffany also hails from North Carolina and she is currently riding the momentum of her debut release, ‘Growing Gracefully.’ With a background in music education, Tiffany has been working with a number of choirs for many years now, all while providing workshops and lessons to aid choirs in reaching their full potential in their ministries. She has served as vocal director for a gospel group and a choir director for a church.

The elegant combination of the couple’s musical prowess has resulted in ‘NOW,’ a beautifully complex single highlighting the talents of both performers. The song embraces a level of pop sensibility, making it perfect for praise in church services or contemporary gospel events. “I’ll praise you now,” the couple croons over a stunning landscape of electronic and traditional influence poignantly melded together in perfect harmony.

‘NOW’ is already available on all major digital distribution outlets. Stations should refer to the relevant contact info below to inquire about airing the track.

Dallas Frazier/CEO

Christian Sounds Entertainment


803 341 0784

Relevant Production Credits:

Lyrics: David Spencer | Producer: Chris Adams for VonJoie Music Group, LLC

Executive Producer: David Spencer for Sound of David, LLC

Mixed & Mastered By: Audio Ninja Studio