Press Release - Spun Intended - March 11, 2017



Spun Intended Continue Promotion Of Dynamic ‘Learn To Love’ EP

Earlier in the winter on November 5, 2016, the independent rock outfit Spun Intended released their eclectic five song EP ‘Learn To Love.’ The band’s sound traverses several genre stylings, elegantly and effortlessly evoking classic rock influence alongside contemporary musings in a unique style they’ve coined “gonzo rock.”

Spun Intended describes ‘Learn To Love’ as a “current reflection of the static in the air,” a playful commentary on modern American society and how increasingly divided it has become. Especially within the divisive realm of politics, Americans have been separated by stark ideological and party lines over the last year. Spun Intended’s new record is designed to remind listeners what is most important: coming together and loving one another, for better or for worse.

In a way, Spun Intended is one of the longer standing independent bands in the music community. They’ve been penning music together since 2004 and their earliest recordings date back to their junior high years. The collaborative of long-time friends came together over the years across regional divides, drawing roots back to Miami, Boston, and Charleston. The west coast called to them, however, and Spun Intended was eventually officially formed and they moved to Los Angeles.

At its core, Spun Intended’s mantra is a simple, honest one: craft raw, authentic artistry that provides unadulterated truth. “At the end of the day, ‘Learn To Love’ mixes the fast with the slow and creates a sound of punk, ska, and a kiss of island happiness,” raved Adam Webb of Creative Control Magazine upon the EP’s release last November, alluding to the many components that culminate into “gonzo rock.” Fans and critics alike have lauded the effort since its release.

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Album Personnel: 

Vocals & Guitar: Sebastian Sanchez | Lead Guitar: Brian Delfino Jr.

Bass Guitar: Chris Chaney | Guitar Tech: Brett Allen

Drums: Joe Sirois | Drum Tech: Mike Fasano | Percussion: Luis Conte

Keys/Synths: Jaimie Muhoberac | Album Artwork: Randal Roberts

Produced by Wesley Seidman & Sebastian Sanchez & Brian Delfino Jr.

Executive Producer: Senen Reyes | Mixed by Wesley Seidman & Sebastian Sanchez

Engineered by Wesley Seidman | Assistant Engineer: Monique Mickey Evelyn

Mastered by Howie Weinberg & Gentry Studer

Recorded at Ocean Way Recording & United Recording, Hollywood, CA, USA

Mixed at Waxley World, Hollywood, CA, USA