Press Release - Tangerine Sky - May 26, 2017



Tangerine Sky To Unveil Sophomore Single, ‘You’re On Your Way’

This Monday, May 29, the indie roots outfit Tangerine Sky will release their highly anticipated second studio single, ‘You’re On Your Way.’ Available upon release on all major digital music platforms for streaming and download, the track is an early insight into the band’s forthcoming full-length album. The track comes on the heels of the band’s March debut, ‘Now That I’ve Found You.’

Tangerine Sky is an elegant mix of musical stylings evocative of the 1970s. With deep ties to the roots and folk genres, the band has become a staple of the Brisbane local music scene in recent years since their formation in 2013. Their new single was penned by Sharon Haigh, the group’s guitarist, and Marcia Erdeljac, the lead vocalist. Recorded at The Shed in Brisbane, Tangerine Sky’s latest effort maintains the remarkably high production value of its predecessor.

Sometimes described as ‘folk pop,’ Tangerine Sky meld together infectious hooks, roots instrumentation, and unforgettable memories to create their wholly unique sound. ‘You're On Your Way’ is reminiscent of acts akin to Fleetwood Mac, charging its soundscape with equal amounts of emotional poignancy and musical prowess: a wonderfully classic sound that’s beautifully contemporary as well.

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