Press Release - Teashhur - November 28, 2016



Teashhur Releases Dynamic Debut Endeavor, ‘Dreams’

Last Thursday, November 24, the independent singer songwriter Teashhur released her debut studio effort, an EP entitled ‘Dreams.’ Available now on iTunes and all other major digital music platforms, the three song collection is a compelling insight into Teashhur’s intensely personal, poignant songwriting style. Alongside the title track, ‘Dreams’ has two other songs: ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Boats.’

Teashhur is an Australian who has traveled extensively and lived in places like London and Dubai. She currently resides in Singapore, where she can often be found in local venues performing the songs on ‘Dreams.’ When she lived in London, Teashhur attended a vocal college, which ignited her passion for singing and opened up the art as a creative avenue for her expression. Prior to that, she has studied classical piano since childhood.

The emotional tracks on ‘Dreams’ were sparked by a time of hardship in Teashhur’s life. “I started writing songs to say things I couldn’t verbalize,” she explains. “This journey has not been easy, but I would change nothing, because now I know who I am.” Though the songs have been in the making since 2011, a chance meeting with producer Julian Simons brought them to the studio.

Teashhur can be found on her official website and social media, all of which can be found below. ‘Dreams’ is available now! Fans should sign up for Teashhur’s mailing list on her site to keep updated on her live performances, upcoming releases, and more!