Press Release - The Hash - May 9, 2016



The Hash Releases New Single, ‘Conflicted’

The Hash, an increasingly popular YouTube personality and underground indie musician, has recently released his newest endeavor, a single entitled ‘Conflicted.’ In the wake of its recent release, indie bloggers and fans have been quick to laud the track as a remarkably powerful entry in the community. The Hash’s new tune has been climbing the US Indie Top 100 chart and it’s been streamed, downloaded, and shared over 60,000 times.

‘Conflicted’ is a deeply personal exhibition of both The Hash’s raw talent and his stunningly relatable lyricism. “Hearts burning from within,” he croons over a sonic landscape beautifully accented by his intense instrumentation. The Hash is often described as ‘sitar rock,’ meaning he seamlessly incorporates eastern instruments like the sitar into his accessible western alternative rock style.

The Hash has become increasingly popular on YouTube as a helpful guide for aspiring guitarists. The guitar virtuoso teaches famous tracks like ‘Sad But True’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ in the most accurate way possible. Tens of thousands of fans reach out to The Hash on a daily basis in response to voice their praise for his original work and his lessons. In fact, he's taught over 100,000 guitar players to play their favorite songs!

‘Conflicted’ isn’t The Hash’s first foray into original composition, either. Last year he released a powerhouse instrumental, ‘Tierney,’ as a tribute to his friend who passed away unexpectedly. Tierney, who was supposed to visit The Hash the weekend she passed, mailed him a package with a CD and a card right before she died. Thus, the guitarist dedicated the passionate, poignant instrumental to her.

Fans can connect to The Hash and keep updated via his website and social networking, all of which can be found below.

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