Press Release - TJ Da Hustla - May 23, 2016



TJ Da Hustla Releases New Mixtape, ‘Life of a Hustla’

Nashville, TN - Terrance Banks, known by his stage moniker of TJ Da Hustla, has released his latest studio endeavor, a mixtape entitled ‘Life of a Hustla.’ The record, which dropped on March 30, is an intense insight into the Banks’ personal journey to hell and back again. The nineteen track effort is available to download for free now on popular mixtape sites.

TJ Da Hustla has been out on the streets since before he was a teenager. He’s been to jail, he’s been shot, and he’s been through his share of bad times. Now, though, the man has three daughters, and as he puts it, he’s got to be there for them because “we all we got.” He’s written rap music for all his life, but now he’s in the scene to make his mark and make his family proud of him.

Earlier this year, DJ Scream entered TJ Da Hustla’s life and home to better understand the complicated artist. This intimate look shows Banks working on chasing his dream at home, in the studio, and out in his own community. It can be watched here.

‘Life Of A Hustla’ can be downloaded on Spinrilla or Indy Live Mixtapes, both of which can be found below. Fans can connect with TJ Da Hustla on his website and social media. For press inquiries or more information, see his media contact.

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