Trelly Mack - 'Let's Have Some Fun'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

As an independent music critic, I get sent dozens of songs each week, at least half of which are hip hop. It’s by far the most inundated genre in the indie community, and as such, the bar has to be set particularly high for content within it. The latest artist attempting to reach over that hurdle is Trelly Mack, a Wisconsin native with a pretty slick sound.


Trelly Mack’s new single is ‘Let’s Have Some Fun,’ an explosive track featuring production by Maskerade. Right out of the gate, Maskerade has done a rather good job with this single: the production is sharp, and Trelly Mack is accented nicely by tight beats and eclectic synthesizers. Many indie hip hop acts sound like they grabbed their compositions out of the premade settings in Garageband. ‘Let’s Have Some Fun’ is a professional endeavor, and it presents itself as such.

Lyrically, ‘Let’s Have Some Fun’ doesn’t enter any new territory. It’s a party tune about getting nude and having fun. In truth, though, I don’t fault Trelly Mack for that. The song doesn’t masquerade as anything with a notable level of depth. It’s clear that it’s supposed to be a loose, fun, and infectiously catchy party tune. It does that well, and as such, Trelly Mack has accomplished what he set out to do.

Later in the track, Trelly Mack also explores utilizing autotune as a creative device, something I’m always a proponent of if done well. His crooning around 2:50 actually borders on soul music, which is an interesting crossover to see. It makes ‘Let’s Have Some Fun’ a dynamic composition, even if it’s lyrical content is less depthful.

‘Let’s Have Some Fun’ does exactly what it’s supposed to: offer a fun, enjoyable song to party to. Is it career-defining or mind-bendingly industry changing? No, it’s not. But it does exhibit a collaboration between Trelly Mack and Maskerade that could evolve into something like that in time, especially if they dug into some more insightful lyricism.