Press Release - Vixen Noir - June 22, 2016




On Tuesday, July 19, the independent singer songwriter, Vixen Noir, will release her latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Tightrope,’ the alternative pop song adds to Noir’s catalog of provocative, daring music. The highly anticipated single follows Noir’s debut EP, ‘Dangerous,’ and journeys forward into compelling new sonic territory.

Vixen Noir is an artist who’s unabashedly authentic in her craft. As a songwriter, recording artist, and erotic performer, she pushes the boundaries of her creativity with intensity and infectious passion. Noir describes her sound as ‘alternative pop soul dance,’ and to create that kind of soundscape she harnesses influence from the likes of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, and the Eurythmics. In doing this, she effortlessly melds the old and the new in a coherent, thrilling fashion.

‘Tightrope’ is a track about intimate relationships and ‘walking the tightrope’ to prove one’s worth and stability within them. “In order to love and be with me, you have to be bad enough and bold enough to walk that tightrope,” Noir muses when discussing her new single. “For me, the song represents being real, true, authentic, vulnerable, open, raw, ready, drama-free, accountable, respectful, and grounded in body, mind, spirit, and soul.”

For many performers, such a palette of emotion would be difficult to capture in one song. Noir, however, is an artist outside of her musical career as well. She’s an accomplished burlesque artist, dancer, poet, performance artist, and mentor - Noir serves as a director and producer of theatre and sexy cabaret. All of this and more aids Noir in her musical efforts, concreting her poignancy as a contemporary, multi-faceted artist.

Vixen Noir has traveled extensively from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, and throughout those travels, she’s been lauded by critics and fans alike. In the US and Australia, she has taught workshops for her ‘Unleash Your Fire’ project, a program designed to empower women to awaken, reclaim, and celebrate their ‘erotic power’ all while developing valuable performance skills.

She’s been described as bold. She’s been described as unapologetic. Perhaps most importantly, Noir’s fans have found her to be immensely inspirational. From her one-woman-shows to projects that address gender identity and the sex work industry, Vixen Noir has proved resolute in her vigor and desire to stride forward with new music and art.

On July 19, fans can find ‘Tightrope’ on all major digital platforms and streaming services, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, TIDAL, and more! Listeners can also visit Noir on her official website for more content and a free download of the ‘Dangerous’ EP.

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