Press Release - Weeks - August 26, 2016



Weeks To Release Two New Singles Via New Jax City Music

Jacksonville, Florida - Next Tuesday, August 30, the independent hip hop performer, Weeks, will release two brand new singles. Entitled ‘It Cost - Ft. Dat Nigga & Scarver’ and ‘Cry - Ft. Jordan Lee,’ the dynamic studio endeavors are exciting new entries in Weeks’ growing repertoire. The two singles will be released via New Jax City Music and uncensored and censored versions will both be available.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Weeks was an active young man who grew up playing football. As a star player, one would often find Weeks in the gym or on the field. In his spare time, however, Weeks began to rap under the moniker ‘Young Menace.’ This was the start of a lifelong ambition to turn rap from a hobby to a career. For years, Weeks hustled day and night on the street to create his own studio and promote his music.

Weeks is the founder and CEO of New Jax City Music, an independent record label that he is releasing his new music under. The bombastic ‘Cry,’ a track that features guest artist Jordan Lee, is an eclectic excursion through intense, hard-hitting hip hop. ‘It Cost,’ a track featuring guest artists Dat Nigga and Scarver, is remarkably well produced as well. Both songs stand tall as releases in the independent scene that are bound for great success. They’re both also early insights into Weeks’ upcoming album, ‘In God We Trust.’

Currently based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Weeks toils tirelessly on both his music and his record label. As such, he’s become more than a independent artist. He’s a businessman and an entrepreneur. New Jax City Music will release both of the new singles on Tuesday, August 30 through all major digital music platforms. Fans will be able to pick up the songs on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, TIDAL, and much more!

Fans can follow both Weeks and New Jax City Music online via the official website and social networking below!

Snapchat & Instagram: @NewJaxCityMusi