Press Release - Wizdom Mriminthere - April 4, 2017


PRESS RELEASE - April 4, 2017

Wizdom Mriminthere To Release Dynamic New Single Ahead Of Album

This April, the rising independent hip hop artist Wizdom Mriminthere will release his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘Savages.’ The track, which is due to be released on the artist’s own indie label, Pretty Dirtball Records LLC, precedes his full album due out this summer. That album is set to be called ‘RaDiCal Minds,’ and every track, including ‘Savages,’ boasts production and writing by Wizdom Mriminthere.

Throughout his life, Wizdom has experienced the ups and downs of being born and raised outside one of America’s murder capitals, New Jersey. Those life experiences offer fuel to flame of his artistry, with songs like ‘Savages’ taking the listener on a remarkable journey through emotions and passionate lyricism. Wizdom’s music is evocative of the true essence of hip hop: it’s from the heart and wholly honest and authentic.

Wizdom Mriminthere has never conformed to the status quo. His music, he hopes, will inspire and connect with open-minded outsiders looking for something to relate to. ‘Savages’ features guest artist Julian Damone and offers a trippy chorus, dope cadence raps, and monstrous trap-like instrumentation quite like anything else in the indie scene right now.

#PDBLife Dat Da Mission - that’s the motto of Pretty Dirtball Records. Fans can stay best updated on the releases of ‘Savages’ and ‘RaDiCal Minds’ by connecting with Wizdom Mriminthere on his official website and social media, all of which can be found below.

Instagram & Twitter: @PrettyDirtball

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