Ep. 7 - August 2015

This episode of the Jukebox features: Jacob Mondry, Sheldon Clark, Lazy Eye, The Love Sprockets, Semi-Toned, Well Mannered Thieves, Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen, Sherryl Bako, The GED Trio, Dial In, Eric Bibb, Souvenir Driver, Colin Peters, Lacy Rose, Joshua Jesty, Dan Bern, and Rivers Rubin. Plus, trivia with Brett and Andy and much more!

Ep. 3 - May 2015

This episode of the Jukebox features: Midnight Mosaic, Don Destin, Jack Cutter, Brienn Perry, John Silvia, the Ail House String Band, reGO, Michael Blu, Christopher T & Sanna Hartfield, At The Dakota, The Evening Attraction, Shantyman & The Speakeasies, Anne Burnell, Dimension 9, and Danielle Lennon.

Ep. 2 - April 2015

This episode of the Jukebox features: Art Fowler, Liz Graham, The Filthy Casuals, Anna Pillsbury, Scotty RoX, Robby Hecht, Lost Dog Found, Indigenous Immigrants, Fellowcraft, the Chicago Afrobeat Project, the Unraveling, Stealing Daisies, Oksana Kolesnikova, the Splashing Pearls, Frostproof, Walt Leuzinger, Nelson Jenstad, and Rivers Rubin.