Brett David Stewart

Journalist | Musician | Podcaster

"I have too much time on my hands," you say! Well, we can fix that. Here's an archive of just about every article Brett Stewart has ever had published.

Some Background

Brett David Stewart is a journalist, podcaster, and musician based in Chicago. He is currently the head of editorial content at BuiltWorlds, a start-up located in Chicago's historic West Loop. At Tilting Windmill Studios, he produces and hosts a series of podcast programs. Additionally, Stewart teaches music history courses at Lincoln Park Community Services, a homeless shelter on the city's north side, and he moonlights as Rivers Rubin, a folk musician who has released eight records to date.

Stewart hosts and produces several shows over on the Tilting Windmill Studios network including Movie-Go-Round, Exploring the Blues in Chicago, the Jukebox Podcast, and more. Check 'em out!